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The Root of Our Problem

In starting up the Colorado West Tea Party I have been talking to people (picking their brains) about what the problems they see with our Government. I wrote down several things when I started noticing a pattern.

Everyone seemed to have a different opinion about “what’s wrong with our system”. As I was trying to get my thoughts together I was watching Glen Beck, and he hit on a solution to my problem. He stated that he did not believe we could solve the problems with health care, or any thing else, until we first solved the problem of corruption in the government.

When he said that a light came on.

When I was a teenager I was working with my uncle as a photographer, in New York for the American Cancer Society. As I was talking to one of their employees, he made a statement to me that I have carried with me all my life, which I will share with you. To the best of my knowledge went like this.

“Do you realize that figures don’t lie, but liars can figure”. He explained with this statement, “Do you realize that one person in 10 will come down with Cancer sometime in their life.” I was thinking how terrible that was. “Now think about this,” he said. “Do you realize that 90 people out of 100 don’t?”

When I was growing up, business worked on a 10% profit margin. People were honest, hard working, not looking for handouts, didn’t lock their doors at night, etc. What happened?

The government started experimenting with social programs like Social Security, & Welfare. I believe this was due to the hard times of the Great Depression and to help stop the suffering of the people. It sounded like the right thing to do, but was it?

It started the age of entitlements. People started thinking the government was the answer to all their problems, and they could not make it without government help.

It started the age of government corruption. Our representatives soon realized, they could keep getting re-elected and keep their power, as long as they could convince the people that they needed to government to survive.

The people started getting the “You Owe It To Me” attitude, which led to the welfare state. We now have familyies that have been living on welfare for several generations, and do not know any other way of living. They are actually afraid to get off of welfare.

We need to get rid of this corruption in our Government, before we can work on any other problems.

Re-Elect No One